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Welcome to KU (Kulture University) the home of Zombie Park. In this frist edition coloring book the Zombie Park area of Kulture University is showing off the crew. The Professor was a headcoach and a professor right here in KU before the world went belly up, he really liked yelling at everyone. Lance was the best agent in the past world, closing major deals for his clients. Flip was the best skateboarder in the world, winning Gold medals for the last 10 years before everything went BYE BYE.  Ace was the best BMX rider, he can still do anything on his bike. And Lastly Doc, to be honest we wouldn't even have Zombie Park with him fixing everyone up when they break bone or lose a limb. In there past lives they CRUSHED. Now in there Zombie lives they are still CRUSHING it and looking Fresh to DEATH!


Color them in and upload your creation in our forum titled Zombie Park.

Zombie Park Coloring Book

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$6.00Sale Price
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